Friday, January 31, 2014

From A Friend:

Every year on January 31st I tell Emily I am going to write on her blog and I never get to it. It’s been 5 years and I finally got to it. I didn’t know where to start but here it goes…

Dear Emily and Emily’s heart,
Happy 5th anniversary.  You have worked perfectly together and had no major issues. Cheers to many many more years of bliss.

Dear Emily’s heart donor,
How can we thank you and your family enough for the selfless decision to donate your heart so that my best friend Emily could live. I am so grateful that you saved my best friend’s life and truly changed my outlook on life as well.  Thank you for setting a great example of how organ donation can save lives.  

Dear Emily,
I remember 5 years ago when you went on the donation list for a heart transplant on your 16thBirthday. I tried to stay calm and strong on the outside but honestly I was so nervous inside. I was afraid I could lose my best friend. I remember Saturday January 31st 2009 I got a phone call from you at 7am. I knew something was up because you are never up that early unless you’re swimming. I picked up the phone and you told me you had a heart and you were going into surgery that morning. I wanted to talk to you more but you had to go prep for surgery and make a few more phone calls. I remember running into my parents’ room and yelling “Emily has a heart!”  Then I just started to cry not knowing what would happen. I think it wasn’t till the next day that I got a text message from your mom saying you were ok. I checked the blog every morning to get the latest update. One morning I read about how you had received the package I sent including the fuzzy socks!  I remember talking to you probably a week later but you were pretty well drugged up still. You came home in March and I was one of the few people allowed to come visit you. We spent hours hanging up paper cranes from your ceiling. They did add a nice touch to your room.  I was happy to hear you would finish 10thgrade in time to move up the next year. It kinda would’ve stunk to be a grade ahead of you. We had many more adventures post-transplant including a trip to NYC to see Burn The Floor. We used so much Purell we probably could’ve had them sponsor our trip.  I look forward to many more stories, trips, adventures, baking parties, and years of awesome best friend stuff.  Always remember “At least it’s not a double lung”.  You are like a sister to me. I’m proud of you. I love ya. Have a happy heart day!
-Miranda J

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