Monday, February 25, 2013


This post is dedicated to Sean Czarniecki, a man I've never met in real life, assume is not a whiner, and overall seems like a fairly positive person. You asked for it anyway sir.

Whining is my biggest pet peeve. I do it, of course, but sparingly. My issue with whining is that most of the things people whine about are 100% completely in their control and optional. Sean is sorry now that he  secretly and privately whined that I wrote too much in the last 24 hours on my blog. I wrote two long posts, I admit, but it was his choice to read. It would be different if I was an assignment for his job or something, but he must get some enjoyment out of reading the blog or he wouldn't bother.

That whining over voluntary things is an especially rampant problem in video games and other online cultures. If you find an online forum that doesn't include posts by people who say "Thanks for wasting my thirty minutes, jerk" you haven't read all the comments. It isn't the developer's fault that somebody didn't like the content. It isn't even the creator's responsibility if a person spent x dollars and didn't like the content. It's the users responsibility to research something and see if they will like it before purchasing. Games, books, apps, ect all come with descriptions, trailers, and reviews so if you buy something you don't like you have no right to whine about ir.

Same with political elections. If you didn't vote, you can't whine. If you honestly don't care about who your leaders are than by all means skip the election, but no whining. Budgets , menus, and plans are another example. If you had an opportunity to be and weren't part of the progress it is your own fault and you can't whine. Take power where you can get it. Use the little bit of agency you have.

So these are the only times it's acceptable to whine. My friends, I will call you on it.
  1. A decision was made that you had no power over and can't change
Nope! You thought there would be more, but there aren't. That's the only one. Otherwise, no whining.


DebR said...

Oh, am I in trouble now.

DebR said...
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Sean Czarniecki said...

Big trouble, Deb! :) I don't recall my exact wording, but noting that Emily wrote a lot this weekend was certainly not meant to be hidden from her - a conversation point for you to let her know (still) that people are reading. Now, if you chose to try and use it to your advantage in some way to make her shorten the posts because they are too long for YOU....well, do what you gotta do.... At least it wasn't a half-hour video post... :)

Thanks for naming me, Emily - rather than finding me online for something in local politics, people searching for me can now see my name associated with an aspiring video game developer!