Friday, February 1, 2013

Google Should Do For Me Yesterday

I love Google. I have their phone. I use their web browser. They collect my email. They wake me up in the morning. They shop for me. They own YouTube. Their calendar is the only thing that makes me reliable. Most of my information is stored on their servers. I am very excited about their future technologies. Basically, they are just awesome. They literally inspire awe. They are in my top two favorite companies.

When we read 1984 in High School and had the inevitable debate about whether censorship was going to murder us all and take away our humanity I fell down decidedly on the side of pretty much alright with it. When the targeted ads come up I am like, "why yes Google, I would like to buy that" and I am not even remotely creeped out. I like it that they tell me how far it is to my destination even though I never asked for navigation. I like it that it knows I want to know the arrival time of the next train even though I never told it I was travelling. I don't think Google plus will ever be a thing, but more power to those guys if they can make it work. As long as I can maintain decision-making, autonomy, and my uncensored thoughts I am a little too comfortable with Google helping me out.

This is a little movie about a car Google made that drives itself. This is something I would've liked to have in high school and its a technology I'd like to see ready for me by college graduation. When I am at home for a vacation I get a little stuck. Mostly I like to just stay at home and doing nothing, but I'd like the opportunity to expand my options. In Boston you don't really need a car, but there are a lot of jobs in places outside of major metropolitan areas. If I could live in the mountains and exist in a quiet life I would actually prefer that to living in a city, but it is not currently even a possibility for me because in most of the world you need a car. Self-driving cars are now legal in Florida, Nevada, and California. Google has logged over 500,000 kilometers in their vehicles safely. I want one. I don't want to be disadvantaged just because of poor vision. Please Google. Do it for me.

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