Saturday, February 23, 2013

All Roads Lead to Orr

In Guild Wars 2, the end of the game is called Orr. Orr is a massive land of undead monsters and viscous dragons. No matter what decisions you  make within the game, you end up in Orr battling Zhaitan, the Elder Dragon. The reasons for being there a\re different for each player on each play-through, but every person will inevitably make their way to Orr to defeat the greatest challenge in Tyria.

Sometimes I wonder if life is a little like that. We can make a lot of different choices, but some battles we fight are unavoidable and epic. For me, my heart transplant was definitely a boss fight. I dread the thought, but I acknowledge that I will find myself in the swamp of The Straits of Devastation at least one more time battling dragons. Nobody's health lasts forever.

Since Jeff Grubb first said, "all roads lead to Orr" it has become a meme. It's a viral idea that turned into magazines  blogs, video series, and pictures about how people got to Orr in the game and the ways in which they conquered it with honor and dignity. I think it partly became so big because it resonated with people. I certainly (as seen by this blog) want to chronicle the most epic battles in my life, especially if I think sharing those challenges could teach others how to fight the same baddies. You can ignore the rising brutes in your life all you want, but at some point you will go to Orr.

Adolescents have a habit of looking at something their friends do and saying, "that's not fair" to which their parents and advisers have to stifle the response, "life isn't fair." Of course, the problem adults have is it is true. Life isn't fair. Some people get terminal or incurable diseases far too young. Some people live in poverty. Twenty percent of the people always have at least eighty percent of the income. None of that is the point, though. We all start in different zones and travel different paths gaining more or less experience along the way and finally find ourselves fighting the Elder Dragon. All we can hope to do is have good friends at our side and the right equipment and resources when we get there.

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