Friday, December 7, 2012


I have a brother. Today is his birthday. Since he is a boy I am not supposed to express any emotions about him or in his general vicinity, but I like him quite a lot so I hope that he forgives me just this once. My brother is fantastic. He is smart, funny, strong, brave, and deeply passionate. He is an ideas man and one of the most intelligent people I have ever met. He wrote his first website before he was ten and knew more about computers than our school's IT department by middle school. I don't get to see him a lot right now, but there was a time I was a bit obsessed with him. When I was small and people asked my parents what I enjoyed their answer was, "whatever her brother likes." Now we are separate people, but he did buy me my first copy of Guild Wars, he forced me to read Ender's Game, and he made me sit and watch The Big Bang Theory. These are my favorite game, book, and television show respectively. My brother is an amazing creature and I think I owe as many of my defining characteristics to him as to my parents. We have a decent relationship, but we are a bit competitive. My brother is better than me at most things. He's smarter. He's more athletic. He's more coordinated. He's cooler. When we start a competition like who can get a better score in Temple Run he immediately crushes me. He sets the bar way above what I thought was good. I have to practice and practice until I spend enough time to crush him until he gives up. Our friendly competitions have made me better at video games, strength skills, and math tricks. Thank you and Happy Birthday to my brother. I like you even when you are 23 no matter what Blink-182 says.

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Bob Singer said...

I like him too. I sent him a note today. It said "Happy Birthday. Hope you have a great day, weekend, year, and many more." I think you said it a little better.

I am proud of both of you separately, but I'm really pleased that you and your brother are great friends.