Sunday, November 4, 2012


If you asked me what my favorite season was a couple years ago I probably would have said summer. That's the time when children get to mess around and do nothing and when I typically see my aunts and uncles and cousins whom I love so much. Recently I've changed my opinion. Now I like fall and spring better than summer. This is not, unfortunately, for some super awesome reason such as better sports or less people dying of heat stroke or something. No, unfortunately it is about my ArenaNet coat. I am a giant nerd.

This is the origin
story of the coat:
So a few months after I visited ArenaNet for my Make-a-Wish trip the adventure was a memory and crossed my mind every day instead of every hour. My family and I were sitting around on a chilly Saturday morning doing something inane like watching television when the doorbell rang and a package arrived. We weren't expecting anything urgent  in the mail so when the episode ended or the activity we were participating in came to a logical stopping point my mom went out to the front porch and inspected the mail. She was gone for a long time and when she finally reentered the house she said, "Emily, I could not make this up if I tried." When I saw the box that was addressed from Bellevue, Washington, U.S. my mind exploded. Randomly, with no begging, ArenaNet sent me this beautiful coat. It is my most prized possession in the world. In the spring and fall when I can wear it I am happiest.

At gaming conventions my ArenaNet coat gains constant praise and admiration, but in my everyday life wearing the ArenaNet coat is like gambling. Like Pokemon I am always waiting for a random Guild Wars player to appear. So far its only happened once even though Guild Wars is pretty popular. In the fall and spring I have the chance, though, which makes every day a little more exciting. The single appearance of a Guild Wars fan was hilarious. I was leaving the dining hall on a day just after the first Guild Wars 2 beta test had been announced (April). A guy was walking in. He walked straight past me while I was wearing the coat before doing a double take, realizing what the name and symbol meant, whirling around, and screaming, "WAIT!" excitedly.

I flipped around, smiled, and asked, "What?"

The guy says, "You have an ArenaNet coat. You must know things. Tell me everything."

I laughed and said, "Sorry. Even if I did know anything I couldn't tell you."

After the random fan responded, "Well could I ask you questions and you could either nod yes or no?" I facepalmed and walked away without telling him anything. I thought it was really funny. First of all, there was a man in my dining hall. Second he was a Guild Wars fan. Third he recognized the ArenaNet name. Fourth he was bold enough to stop me. Fifth he thought I would give him information. That is a very unlikely set of circumstances.

Anyway, that is the current history of my ArenaNet coat. It's starting to get a bit old and damaged, but its clean, warm, soft, and makes me feel special. I love wearing it. There is always a chance I will get to tell someone an awesome story when I wear it and I am nothing if not a story teller.

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