Thursday, November 15, 2012


This post contains no spoilers.

Dawn has broken and Twilight is most likely over. I told you I was going ( and I went. It was a brilliant film in the same way that Avatar was a brilliant film. The effects were astonishing. The violence was gruesome. Everything looked fantastic. The emotions felt real. The plot was original in the sense of the Roman imitatio, but not in the modern sense. If you can accept Shakespeare as original even though he stole all his plots from Cinthio and Plutarch and you think it's alright that Avatar was just Pocahontas in space, then you will think it's fine that Breaking Dawn is basically Antony and Cleopatra with vampires. Although unoriginal, it is compelling, mind-bending and definitely the best Twilight movie yet.

Before going I was very nervous because I heard that the end of the movie and the book were drastically different. They are not so I was pleased. I wanted the story to end wonderfully and it did. It was worthy of the emotions I had invested it it. I'm not a twi-hard or on anyone's team- Edward or Jacob, but I wanted to see Bella's story resolved and it was. If you took that movie by itself it barely seemed like the series was the slut-shaming anti-feminist franchise it really is. It was empowering and played right into my pre-constructed notions of love.

I watched the movie with a group from my school and it was all very Simmons. Two hundred or so girls gathered up and walked to the theater together, supportive of one another, but intensely aggressive about seats. Throughout the movie people were animated to the point of hysteria and there were as many screams in favor of Bella's boobs as Jacob's abs. When we were walking out of the movie as a group two thoughts crossed my mind. If any straight male or gay female in fifty miles needed a date they could have gotten one at that film. I would have swooned if some guy offered me his love and I am a strong, independent female. Second, the people waiting outside in line really should have gone to college. We learn things and we get to watch Twilight without having to wait in the cold. I'm grateful I have both of those opportunities.

All there is left to say is... Forever.

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