Thursday, November 8, 2012

Aria Venom

As you will recall from here ( Aria Venom is a character I created in Guild Wars 2. I thought I would show you her in her various incarnations on this, the day that the names are released in Guild Wars 2. Aria Venom is one name I really like and am glad I snagged while the names are still reserved. This first picture is the girl I made for the original Guild Wars. I like her look a lot. Necromancers should all always dress in green and black. Poison, death, and reanimation are the only things a good necromancer should think about. Then there is the picture from Guild Wars 2. As you can see, 250 years later Aria Venom cut her hair, but she is essentially the same. The one on the right was created by me. The one on the left was created by ArenaNet. I think they match quite nicely. Perhaps ArenaNet's is a bit prettier, but they have professional artists and I am lucky to draw recognizable stick figures. I love that she is in the game. She looks a bit like me, she thinks  thoughts I agree with, and every time I walk a character past her I think, "wow, anything is possible. I have a character in a game that millions of people play". That's Aria Venom and if she were real I would be her best friend in an instant.

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Bob Singer said...

Cool! I can't tease you about mixing game life with real life when your own character has crossed over to game life. Kind of like Tron.