Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I really don't want to talk about Halloween  but I am trying to be a blogger and it is a holiday in this culture so I feel obligated. I'd rather write about something else, but today is October 31st. I have never done a Halloween post and it seems like I should. Tomorrow something different. I have a lot of good blogs coming up/written. Get excited. *sigh* Back to Halloween.

I don't need Halloween  There isn't a spiritual backdrop to it like Day of the Dead. Its not reverent or meaningful and it doesn't bring people together as well as Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, or Easter. If trick-or-treating was about getting to know our neighbors then I'd be accepting of it, but I went trick-or-treating for upwards of fifteen years and I know almost none of my neighbors. Halloween lacks purpose and direction. I would like to see it declare its major and describe its intentions. It might be a harvest festival or it may not. How are we to know? Its a silly holiday for mean people and greedy people with no purpose other than making me feel awkward.

Here are the costume choices for a nice young lady such as myself
  1. I dress up scary and run about playing mean tricks on people. I don't like being afraid really. I like being safe and happy and not petrified and in constant terror. I've had enough fear in my life that I don't need to experience it recreationally. 
  2. I dress up scantily and run around in no clothes with some animal ears or an oversexualized superhero costume. That's not my style because I am nineteen and I could pull it off, but I don't appreciate the slut-shaming that goes with it. I don't want random strangers to yell despicable things at me across the street.
  3. I dress as something awesome and obscure. I have dressed as Caithe before, but then nobody gets who I am and the whole point of a costume is to be recognized as clever and cool. I can't think of many costumes that are witty that most people would understand.
Those are bad options. I don't like it. So I went to yoga which makes me feel pretty and peaceful instead of dressing up.


Bob Singer said...

The only good feature of Halloween is that we buy candy and nobody ever comes to the door and then we get to eat it.

Sean Czarniecki said...

Hey, Bob, that's what happens at our house too! :)