Tuesday, August 28, 2012

GW2 Release

My Make-a-Wish Trip (as you will recall from here http://www.emilysatr...nanet-wish.html) was to visit the offices of ArenaNet (the makers of a game called Guild Wars 2). That game was released today and the event I created was released into the world of Tyria for millions of people to enjoy.

Ravius  (http://www.killtenrats.com/2011/03/13/back-from-pax-east/ ) told me with his blogger-extraordinaire knowledge that I am "forum famous" for my wish. I am glad that Make-a-Wish made it happen with or without being well-known in certain circles. I acknowledge how lucky I am to have been able to meet my personal rock stars. Knowing the people of ArenaNet has been the best experience I could have imagined. I agonized over the decision of what to do for my wish and I would definitely choose the same again. It remains the best day of my life. The GW2 designers have always been kind to me and extraordinarily generous.

Recently there has been a (somewhat quiet) cry on the forums to release the name of the dynamic event that I created while I was at ArenaNet. Honestly, though, I appreciate that ArenaNet didn't take the event that I wrote and put a neon sign above it like "Emily's Event" but instead seamlessly incorporated the idea I had into their game. They treat me like a true game designer. They don't label their stuff "Colin's Event" and "Kristin's outfit" etc.

If ArenaNet asked to release the identity of my event I would let them. I don't think they would ask, but I thought they might tell the communtity which one it was. They don't seem to be telling. Therefore I'm not telling either. I've played through it, but I honestly like the fact that my event blends in. It shows I knew their game. I knew what kinds of things they would do.

I'm still not a good gamer, but I love running around, exploring this new world, and generally feeling epic. My biggest fear when I went to ArenaNet was that they wouldn't like me because I wasn't good enough at their game. It turned out though, that not being fantastic was okay. I was the first person to play Guild Wars 2 so I can really see the progress they made and how polished and fantastic it really is. I am still bumbling around a bit, but I love doing it.

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