Monday, June 25, 2012

Roberts Family Reunion

I went home for the weekend this last weekend for a very special event. My family has a reunion every single year. No matter the weather or health or the economy or whatever else everyone has going on in their lives I get to see not only my immediate family, but all of my first and second cousins annually at Canoe Island Lodge in Lake George, New York. It is just completely mandatory. Every time I think about it I just find myself repeating, "how many people are really, legitimately friends with their second cousins?" I am. This particular photo is my brother and aunt, but it could just as easily be my great uncle or second cousin once removed. I know and am close to them all.

I have had a couple issues in my life, but all in all I am extremely lucky because I have family. Not just my parents, but my whole family. They love, support, grok, and accept me through anything. I stayed in my great uncle's house when I was recovering. My cousin, aunt, and brother came and took care of me for a while. Everybody reads the blog. Every time we are together I get hit with new waves of understanding and caring. You can choose friends, but you can't choose family so I am glad I was assigned a great one.

The family reunion is one of my favorite weekends of the year. We have so much fun. There are card games and sailboat rides. There are fireside chats and porch parties. We laugh so hard we cry at least once a year. I get to be reunited with my favorite person on the face of the Earth (my cousin Sam). It is just one whirlwind of entertainment. The event has grown with the family and it remains a living and evolving soiree, but it has always included cherishing, reuniting, and adoration. 

Thank you to Uncle Tom for another great time and a fantastic support system. There is no one like family.

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Bob Singer said...

Great post Em. You said what we all feel.