Monday, October 17, 2011

HCM- the disease which shall not be named

Q-What's the difference between Harry Potter's Super Villain and the heart condition I had fixed?
A- HCM is deadlier and more obscure
Voldemort was known far and wide and his name, spread fear throughout the wizarding world. Voldemort killed what, 200 wizards? Sudden cardiac arrest causes 325,000 deaths every year. Obviously not all of those deaths are due to HCM, but most are. Yet Voldemort is whispered about as "he who shall not be named" and HCM is never spoken of. On the news and in the media people say, "he collapsed with an unexpected heart problem," but they never use the words. It is my opinion, as an English major, that words have power. I challenge you, therefore to use the term Hypertrophic Cardiomyopothy once this month for Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month. The only way we can save lives is by raising awareness.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Freshmen Year Update

I have been at Simmons for six weeks. I am 1/16th of the way through my college career and I am loving it. I have friends who seem to like me. I am the vice president of my residence hall and I have yet to miss a class. Life is good. I have to go to the pharmacy almost every week and I have to go to the hospital once a month, but living just down the street makes it so that I can have a blood draw and not even be late to class. I think Simmons is a great place for me right due not only to its proximity to Childrens, but also due to the academic difficulty (challengign, but not impossible) and social situation (welcoming and friendly). In high school when I told someone that I had a heart transplant they got all awkward and weird. Here it doesn't seem to make a difference. People say "that's cool" and move on. Victoria from down the hall is writing a paper on cardiac screening in athletes and I wrote a personal narrative about missing most of sophmore year. Here, my transplant is a subject, but its more studied critically than personally attacked. That is what is wonderful about college.