Saturday, June 11, 2011

School Roundup

Yesterday, Friday, was my last day of high school. It was pretty fun. The seniors had a big parade down the halls where we screamed, banged on the lockers, shot silly string and glitter everywhere, and blew horns and whistles. We also wrote all over my physics teachers wall with our names and some funny quotes in paint, which looked really good. I said goodbye to many of my teachers because I don't have any tests so the only time I will see my teachers again will be graduation. As I walked out of my last class I turned to a friend and said, "Guess what?"

He responded correctly, "What?"

Then I said. "I survived high school" which, as you know, has a somewhat special meaning to me. There was certainly a time in my life where I didn't think I would be walking down the stage in two weeks. I think it makes these moments a little more special for me, knowing that could have not happened.

Before the end, I went to a really neat conference in SUNY Plattsburgh about the Organization of American States where we all represented a country and discussed the issues of Latin America. It was the most fun school event since prom, and maybe ever because we had a dance and played games. I won an award for the most diplomatic of my group of kids.

I had a really good week wrapping up high school and going to the Model Organization of American States. I was proud to follow in my brother's footsteps as the winner of the fourth committee at the MOAS. I am glad to be done with high school because I struggled through a lot of it, but I am apprehensive about the future because its all completely unknown.

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Miranda said...

Having the best roommate ever also may have contributed to the great MOAS trip?????
Emily, I'm proud of you!