Friday, May 20, 2011

So Its Simmons

I haven't updated this very well, but I decided to go to Simmons College in the end of April. Simmons seems like a good fit for me, I think. I know because I kept saying to my mom "I feel like I really should go to BU" in the week before I decided. I really do want to go to this adorable college right on the Fenway, literally cut in two by my favorite place (sarcasm) Children's Hospital. Simmons College is an all women's college, which might not even be a bad thing because it will force me to go out with my friends and scope for boys. The Simmons mantra about that is "We're not an all-girls school with no men, we're an all-women's college with no boys." I'm just really excited and nervous to move away and be independent in a place where I know very few of the people around me. I have always been better with routines than change. I hope I can be very happy and successful at Simmons.

Also, Graduation is just around the corner. It truly is amazing that I am graduating with my class and that I am old enough to have voted this week. Graduating, moving away, voting, its all just so adult. I am very used to people taking care of me in some ways, so it will be interesting taking these next steps toward a normal, independent, mature life.

Finally, as a side note, I went to the hospital yesterday with a clean bill of health. It was a little sad, though, because my *cough cough" favorite *cough cough* transplant coordinator Jodi is leaving the hospital so I probably won't see her again soon. She really went through the whole ordeal with us. It was depressapointing to say goodbye, but she needs a life too, I suppose.

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Brad said...

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation and acceptance into Simmons!

Ellen, Brad and Devon Beal