Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I now have all of my information about college. Here's how the cards fell

Boston University



So, with that I am seriously looking at Simmons or Boston University. The others have reasons that disqualify themselves. Between those two, though, it is very close. BU is bigger, more expensive, has a better name, and would present a lot of opportunities, but Simmons is small, close-knit, supportive, and would be a better "deal" financially. Thing is, I would probably graduate with essentially the same degree at both places. I would go education with a concentration in creative writing or English. So, its just a matter of choosing the apples or the oranges. If anyone has an opinion, by all means, share. I am going to BU over spring break to find out a little more. I just really hope that they are good choices either way.

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Unknown said...

The money will have a way of working its way out - it's amazing how many ways there are to make up the difference between two schools. None of it is cheap, so if it's possible, make the decision based on what's truly best for you. The money becomes small in that context. Either way, enjoy the whole experience.