Monday, December 27, 2010

My December

December has almost come and gone and everyone is looking to the New Year so I figured I'd give my audience a little re-cap. Like any month, I had my good days and my bad days, but overall this month was a little reminiscent of those weeks just before heart my transplant when I was fighting to keep up with school, activities, and other demands. I fought walking pneumonia for the last several weeks and the coughing, fatigue, and school-skipping all very de-ja-vuy. I am mostly over it now, but the whole ordeal was a little irritating because I'm already such a germaphobe it makes me wonder how I can prevent cases like this from continuing to interfere with my life in the future. In the long run this won't affect anything and the heart appears healthy, but I have some homework to catch up on and some teachers to avoid *sigh.*

On a more positive note I am officially an adult as I celebrated my eighteenth birthday a few weeks ago. My parents threw me a little "surprise party" in which some friends (young and old) came over to chill with me. It was a little unconventional because my parents had people file in as they showed up instead of all popping out at once. It made it all the more sweet to be surprised by each person. I was completely shocked each time someone showed up. It was great to be so celebrated and I felt very special. I now should feel all the responsibilities and rewards of adulthood, but yeah, right. I will feel all that once I go to college. For now it just means I get to sign my own name at the doctor's office. Other than that it is just another year.

I have been still working with Make-a-Wish in various ways and have seen the best and the worst of people at the mall selling angels. I know it is a hard time of year for a lot of people, what with all the financial pressure, but some parents could be reminded that their children can still get bad messages depending on what you teach them about charity and giving. I had a lot of comments about all of my involvement and most were extremely glad to see me representing such an awesome organization. I have met some pretty cool people and seen some incredible generosity. At least three teachers at Queensbury School bought these "Emily" angels for their students and in the class I have been working with in the fifth grade the students bought the angels themselves. I am sure there are more acts of kindness than I am aware of, but from what I have seen, many sick children will have their dreams come true. Make-a-Wish is one of the charities I am very proud of and thankful to, but I hope that everyone can find a spectacular group to identify with and support during the holidays. There is no good reason not to help other people.

My Christmas was very successful. The best part of my holiday was seeing my brother again. He had been studying abroad so I had missed him a lot. My immediate family was very happy and, most importantly, together during the Christmas time. We followed all of our Christmas traditions like going out to Chritmas Eve lunch with some friends (thanks Rick and Karen) and having pancakes Christmas morning. It was all very festive and joyful.

To conclude the month we took my brother make to college in Geneseo and visited some family in Jamestown (both in New York for anyone far away). It was really a shame to leave my brother in college after only seeing him for about a week,, but I expect getting together with my family will only become more difficult as I head off to college.

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season and was healthy. My December led me to a bit of ruin in school and gave me a sharp reminder that I could not expect health, but only be grateful for it and led me to have many fun times with friends and family. I think this month was very well-balanced in fun and frustration.

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