Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My B

New rule- I have decided that when I post and am feeling well I will tell you what I am avoiding by posting. I think that is a fun little game, yes? Today, I am avoiding doing my physics homework on Energy and power. Now, on to the real post. I realized that in the last post I left out a piece of information that many know but that makes things make more sense to those that don't. Last month I went down to New York City Comic Con (a festival of thousands of geeks and freaks) to hang with some developers of Guild Wars 2 (my Make-a-Wish game.) It was a really special experience being the VIP of the VIPs while thousands of avid fans were vying for these guys attention. I got to play the game, hear about its development, and talk to the developers. I am so grateful to ANet for giving me "a second wish." I really am always astonished how nice they are. Anyway, this should clear up why I was on a low from not feeling like a rockstar, but being one of the millions.

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