Saturday, November 20, 2010

Make-A-Wish Ambassador

Here is Emily providing a little pay-back to Make-A-Wish for the amazing experience they gave to us. She is available for other causes too, including the HCMA, Children's Hospital, and any other cause she supports.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

We already said I'm famous so...

I am avoiding my government questions on the media. Do you think my teacher will take the excuse, I was on the local news tonight, I have been in the paper the last two days, and I will be in over 500 TV and radio commercials in the next month? Knowing the teacher, probably not. I could explain that my face will be out there. My story will be out there. I will be part of the media. What other questions are there? I don't think he would go for it, but this is a big deal to me. I went to a "kick-off" party tonight. I realized that I am incredibly proud and honored that Make-a-Wish chose the ArenaNet wish as one of the five best wishes of the hundred they granted in the last year. It is just entirely unbelievable. I would just like to clarify one thing because I know some ignoramus will say it.... I DID NOT get a heart transplant so I could be on TV. I AM NOT in the "biz" for fame or celebrity. I am doing this to help Make-a-Wish, that is a charity that truly helped me through a very depressing time and that gave me the best day(s?) of my life. My favorite part of making all these commercials? A boy named Roman. I met this amazing young man while doing these "press" things. He is ten years old and probably the most lovable guy you will ever meet. He had an amazing wish in Florida, and with a little encouragement he made some great ads. I think if nothing more, I have helped Roman's self-esteem, ANet's notoriety, and Make-a-Wish's mission by doing these commercials. If you live in NE New York you will most definitely hear or see Roman and I in the very near future.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My B

New rule- I have decided that when I post and am feeling well I will tell you what I am avoiding by posting. I think that is a fun little game, yes? Today, I am avoiding doing my physics homework on Energy and power. Now, on to the real post. I realized that in the last post I left out a piece of information that many know but that makes things make more sense to those that don't. Last month I went down to New York City Comic Con (a festival of thousands of geeks and freaks) to hang with some developers of Guild Wars 2 (my Make-a-Wish game.) It was a really special experience being the VIP of the VIPs while thousands of avid fans were vying for these guys attention. I got to play the game, hear about its development, and talk to the developers. I am so grateful to ANet for giving me "a second wish." I really am always astonished how nice they are. Anyway, this should clear up why I was on a low from not feeling like a rockstar, but being one of the millions.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Well I Just Wanted to Say HI

So, ironically I have never posted to this blog. It is in theory mine, though, so I have decided to start. Many people have likely lost interest, but don't worry I still have things to say. In the last two weeks I have realized the value of a blog. You can get your ideas and writing "published" with essentially no effort. Many people would kill for that opportunity. I am feeling pretty well, but am fairly busy with school, swimming, QuizBowl, college stuff, and other random things such as Make-a-Wish and helping at the Intermediate School. I know that all of this could crumble away if I get sick and the whole High School seems to have a cold, or flu, or mono this time of year, but I'm trying to stay focused on how well things are going at the moment. I feel so normal getting ready for college. Sure in my only interview so far I explained to the very nice man about how they ripped out my heart and my application screams heart transplant, but other than that I feel normal. I think I prefer feeling special. Hanging out with Make-a-Wish folks or the ArenaNet (Guild Wars) guys is better, but I have to stress out and deal with this like anyone else before I can be a real grown-up. I'll keep you posted.