Sunday, August 22, 2010

No medical news is good news

It's been five months since we've posted anything here. The reason for the gap is that there is no medical news to follow. Since that is the best news it is worth posting, right? Emily finished up her junior year with good grades, completed her college boards with high scores, and has had a good summer teaching swimming at the YMCA and hanging out a lot. She went to visit her cousins in Chicago. She had one trip to Boston for a routine biopsy (it still seems that "routine biopsy" is a bit of an oxymoron) and that turned out well in the end. We had some concern when her blood work came out with electrolytes all messed up, but upon re-testing it was fine (thank you Dr. Blume for questioning the test before hospitalizing her when she had looked at Emily and knew from looking that she was ok). Here's a picture of her in Manhattan yesterday with our friend and now successful playwright and director, Jessica Kane, whose play, Two Sizes Two Small is the top rated play in New York's "Fringe Festival."

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