Monday, April 26, 2010

Good times

This past weekend was the Junior Prom. Emily invited two friends we met through the HCMA, Mikel and Richard, from the Boston area. She paired up with her friend Miranda and they went as a foursome. Miranda's been sick with an unknown intestinal disorder, and Richard has HCM, so we did not know if they were going to make it through the night. Everybody rallied and they had a great time, winning prizes at the after-party for basketball (Mikel and Richard are both top players) and roulette (Emily figured out that the colors were not evenly distributed and bet with the odds in her favor).

They stayed up until pick-up at 5 AM, and I flew the boys back to Boston at 11 AM and made it back home in time for the Angel Flight benefit concert at 2:30 PM. Emily was the special guest speaker, and once again rallied and did a good job. We were really tired last night!

It is so wonderful to have everything going smoothly. We really understand how tenuous the good times can be, and we have learned to appreciate the ease with which our lives are flowing. Emily is doing well in school, did great on the SATs, is planning for college, and is comfortable (mostly) with her meds and the maintenance issues of the transplant. Jeff is doing terrific at school, won an award for being the top "scholar athlete" swimmer in the State program, and was accepted into a prestigious mathematics program for the Fall in Budapest. Even our garden is doing well and we are enjoying fresh spinach that managed to overwinter on its own. Life is good.