Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Make-A-Wish Seattle

We got up at 3:30 AM this morning to await a big stretch limo that took us to Albany, where we were met by Linda of Make-A-Wish. She saw us off to Southwest Airlines, where we changed planes in Chicago and arrived in Seattle by 11 AM local. Renee, from Make-A-Wish here met us and started us on Emily's dream trip. The highlight will be Thursday, when we will spend the day with the game developers of Guild Wars, the game world that Emily lived in while she was sick last year and recovering this Spring. The rest of the trip will be doing fun tourist stuff.

We had a good lunch at the Baguette Box, walked to the waterfront, and went to the Aquarium. We really liked the harbor seals, fur seals, sea otters, and the highlight was the Giant Pacific Octopus. We got to handle sea urchins, anenomes, and starfish. Afterward Emily and Deb went to a fancy day spa for a manicure. More on this trip later.

Update: Wednesday. We had a big, touristy day. We had a bagel breakfast, then went to the Bodies Exhibit. We got quite an anatomy lesson, and we were relieved that Emily's old heart was not on display. Very interesting, but a little creepy.

From there we went to lunch at a Wrap place on the waterfront, and went on to Argosy Tours for a tour of the harbor. Great views of the skyline, the huge commercial port operation, and Mt. Ranier poked through the distant mist for a while. Digging down into our energy reserves, we went on to the "Underground Tour" of Seattle, where we explored the pipes, rat tracks, and abandoned basements of the old part of the City, which burned in the 1880's and was subsequently rebuilt higher, leaving all the old first floor buildings underground. We got a ribald history lesson, learning that the largest source of tax revenues was a tax on the "seamstresses," who worked nights in the clubs.

We conquered the bus system to get back to the Hyatt, and met our friend Rachel Xu for dinner at a fancy Asian fusion restaurant. A long and enjoyable day, but we are tired from all the walking. Tomorrow is the Big Day at Arena Net. The limo picks us up at 9:45.

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