Friday, September 4, 2009

She's a Junior!

After a heart transplant only 7 months ago, and missing 88 days of school, today Emily is finally caught up on all the work for 10th grade. I remember last fall listening to Dr. Blume with some doubt when she said most of their transplant kids manage to stay at grade level and graduate with their class. Well, Emily had some awesome tutors, and a lot of support from her school, but mainly she worked really hard and did all the work to catch up. She has a little pre-reading for AP courses for the fall to finish next week (as do some of her classmates I imagine), but she should be able to start Junior year right on track with everyone else.

Emily had a great time in Chicago. Thanks again to Jamie & Rob, Rick and Bonnie and Susie & Jon for a great trip.

On the medical front, she has had to have blood tests about weekly and several changes in her meds to try to get her white count up a little. Although her immune system needs to be continuously suppressed to avoid rejection, it is a delicate balance with the meds to keep everything at the right level and not leave her too prone to infection (especially as she gets ready to head back to that germ-fest of a school).

We are going to Beckett, MA this weekend to catch up with some Colgate friends. Hopefully Kath will get a good photo of Em's new haircut, and we'll show you later. All of us out east here are supposed to have a beautiful holiday weekend. Enjoy.

Good luck with back to school everybody! Wash Your Hands!

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