Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Six Months!

We returned to Children's for Emily's 6 month check up and biopsy this week. Her biopsy was again a 0, meaning no rejection. We were very happy and relieved to have her getting past this milestone with flying colors.

We can't say the biopsy day went smoothly, but they got it done, and the results were good. As we were told, even though you are scheduled to be first case (7 am) and turn your life upside down to get there on time, it does not prevent sick babies being born and emergencies over the weekend. Or to have one of the cath labs break down. Our 7 am test became a 12 pm test, with the fun extra 5 hours of fasting. Ugh. At about 4 hours into waiting, when it seemed calm and they were threatening to get ready to take her in, she smiled at us and said, "If this was an episode of House, I'd have a seizure right now."

But she did well, it was good to see some of our transplant team friends. Better yet, we got out of there and were able to have a fun dinner in Boston with Cindy, Fred & Amelia.

She still struggles with low energy and nausea at times, but overall is doing well.

The summer is speeding by. Emily is working very hard with her friend and tutor, Mr. Hummel, to finish AP World History and 10H English. It will come down to the wire to be a junior when September 10th rolls around.

Emily has a trip to Chicago planned for August 19th to see family right after the AP World test. She feels a little like her summer was stolen away by having to catch up for all the school she missed.

We also had a fun time in Boston doing her first college visit to BU. The conclusion was that BU is a great place, and she definitely loves the idea of college! So we've gone from heart failure through transplant to planning for college in less than a year.

Hope you are all having a great summer.


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