Thursday, July 9, 2009

Return to Webster

Emily had a clinic visit on Tuesday. To make it less of a chore, she brought along her cousin Samantha who is visiting for the month with her Mom and brother. We drove out Monday night and stayed with Tom and Nancy Roberts, who moved back to reclaim their house from us in May. They were gracious hosts--they prepared dinner and took us for a tour of the lake on their pontoon boat. It was nice to go back there on a warm evening after all the days of cold wind blowing over the ice-covered lake last winter. It was great to be there with Emily feeling good and the threat of imminent rejection diminishing.

The clinic visit went well; Emily checked out perfectly. She is being weaned off the steriods and her other anti-rejection drugs are stable for now. We go back in a month for a biopsy, and if that goes well it's a biopsy every three months. She has been swimming, hiking, horseback riding and generally back to a full schedule. She still can fatigue rapidly if she overdoes it--her muscle weakness from the underlying mitochondrial disease has not been fixed--but she is having fun again. When Sam leaves next week she will be forlorn, but for now all is good.

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