Sunday, May 17, 2009

No News is Good News

We haven't posted because not much has happened, and that's good news. Emily is busy with school part time, tutoring, cardiac rehab three times per week, horseback riding, dance, and coaching the little swimmers. In fact she is at the annual swim team banquet tonight. I got her to stand still for a picture before she left. She looks pretty good for 15 weeks post-transplant, don't you think?

She still gets really tired and needs a nap most days after the exercise, but she's getting a pretty good 30 minute workout. She is occasionally a little nauseated, but most of the time she is eating pretty well. We are able to get her blood draws for her Tacrolimus (Prograf) levels done locally, which means we don't need to be at Children's at 8 AM when we go there, which is down to once every three weeks.

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jag said...

Emily looks wonderful. Certainly not the third grade little girl I once knew. Now, a beautiful young lady. Thanks so much for sharing the photo.
And, Jeff looks great, too. It was fun to have some the gang back at the house.
Best wishes to all.