Friday, May 1, 2009

More good results

We went to Children's on Tuesday for another biopsy and routine tests. The biopsy, echo, and EKG were all good, with a zero for the rejection score. She had a period of tachycardia in the cath lab that was quickly controlled but sounded scary. They thought it was just the heart reacting to be poked. All of the tests for donor-specific antibodies in her blood came back negative, which is wonderful news. This means no more treatments are indicated right now with immunoglobulin that leave her feeling sick for days.

Some combination of the travel, the fasting for the biopsy, the sedation, and the associated turmoil of a hospital visit made her very fatigued this week.

We moved out of Webster on Tuesday with the help of our friend Kathie, who met us there and helped us clean and make beds. Now there is a good friend for you! We also were able to visit with Cindy & Fred on Monday night - they brought us some good Chinese food.

The next clinic visit is scheduled for three weeks. In the meantime she is very busy, and a little tired.


jag said...

You go girl! Aim high for a score of 0. Great news, congratulations.

Unknown said...

Wonderful news, I so enjoy reading of Emily's progress.

Jolene said...

That's great!
Love, Jolene & Jerry

McHugh Family said...

Hello all,

I am so glad everything went well on the 1st. This blog has been a god send to the McHugh's. Thanks so much and we realy look forward to our visit this summer