Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Setback

We were way too happy yesterday when we thought we'd be home for four days. Dr. Singh, one of the transplant doctors, called to explain that they got test results back today with some unexpected bad news. Her blood is positive for a donor specific antibody. This was not expected because prior to transplant the screening indicated that she was negative for any Human Lymphocyte Antibody (HLA), which means that she should not have reacted to the donor's tissue. However, this does happen sometime and if untreated it may lead to "humoral rejection," a blood mediated rejection. This is a different rejection mechanism than tissue rejection, but the outcome can be as serious. They have told us to go back to the hospital for an out-patient treatment of IV Immune Globulin (IG). This may be a one-time treatment or it could be a recurring treatment, depending on whether or not the antibody continues to show up in her blood.

We are leaving this afternoon for an overnight in Webster, and then back to the hospital for the day tomorrow. We expect to get back tomorrow night, but obviously we have not control over schedule.



well it is hopefully a minor setback. great photos. emily looks wonderful.

emily: i miss you.

jag said...

My prayers are with you.