Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Fedex came through with a few weeks of CellCept and we jammed the Prius full of stuff and got on the turnpike westbound about 1:30. When we got home she just wandered around and said, "I'm home, in my own house. I know where everything is." She's sitting in her bean bag chair stringing up the cranes. Even though we have to go back Monday a few days here seems luscious! It seems like it has dawned us anew--Emily had a heart transplant a few weeks ago, and we're home from it.


Jolene said...

YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Welcome home! It feels great just to know you're in town.
Jolene & Jerry

jag said...

Welcome home. I love the smile in your eyes, Emily. You are one tough young lady! Janet

Kinney Family said...

I thought I saw Deb standing in your kitchen as Mackenzie and I passed by going to the Y...again. Emily, go and relax in your orange room. Welcome home!!

Jen L said...

Hi Em!
You look so comfy and happy!
It's really nice to look out the window and see lights on at the house. It's been a bit weird without them.
I'm sorry I won't be able to see you, but hopefully next time you're back I'll be cold-free.
I miss you, and so happy you're home!

Bonan said...

Welcome home Emily. Enjoy being back, rest, relax and continue to take care of your self. Emma will be home this weekend too. She will be glad to know ( actually she probably already does!) that you are back for awhile also... Call if you need anything, we are sending all our prayers and best wishes your way. Bonan

annie said...

This truly sucks! Not the being home part, but the going back part. But Emily, you look so good with that smile! Hope we get to see you soon.