Friday, March 13, 2009

Home again

We went back and stayed in Webster last night and went in this morning to the hospital. The IV Immune Globulin treatment went fine. The worst part was the prophylactic treatment with benedryl which made Emily really sleepy. Well, that and getting stuck for another IV.

We were able to meet with the transplant team and ask some questions. We won't know for a while whether this treatment will need to be repeated or not. The rest of her evaluation including the echocardiogram today still looked good.

Jeff is on spring break and caught up with us in Webster last night, and came in with us for the treatment today. It was nice to have him around. Jeff went to meet up with friends and bring Chris home.

It is great to be back home again, but we are really tired. And, of course, it will be brief, as we need to be back in clinic on Tuesday. I think we should look into a frequent flyer pass for the Mass Pike.


Jean Lapper said...

It was great to see all the lights on in the house last night. Hope everyone slept well.

Kinney Family said...

Hey Em. We're glad you all made it back safely. Enjoy your time with Jeff and maybe a little sunshine on your porch.