Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Going HOME!!

Well, we are going home to at least visit for a few days and sleep in our own beds!

Emily had a biopsy today. Those results and the rest of her other tests were good. So we were released to go out of the area and go home to Queensbury.

We need to wait for a FedEx delivery of meds, which should be some time tomorrow, and after that we will travel home. We can spend 4 or 5 days there before we have to be back for clinic on Tuesday.

Jeff is on spring break starting Friday, so we will catch up with him, too.

The biopsy went much better today with no versed, and a new cocktail of meds. Emily recovered fairly quickly and was even able to pull it together to go to a tutoring session for two hours this afternoon after a morning biopsy.

We will now transfer the tutoring back to Queensbury next week (Queensbury teachers beware!).

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at home, but Emily is still restricted about exposure to a lot of people. She can not go to any public places yet (school, restaurants, etc). We have to be careful not to expose her to anyone who has a cold or has been exposed to a lot of people. So be patient with us while we are being fussy about who we see, and when we make you wash your hands when you come in, and won't let you touch Emily!

Yipee. We are looking forward to getting home!!


Jolene said...

That's great news!

Jerry & Jolene

jag said...

There's no place like home!!

Wonderful news. I will send my best wishes--I think my job exposes me to every germ known to man.
Prayers still coming your way.