Sunday, March 1, 2009

Four-week anniversary

We have made it through four weeks post-surgery. We've been at Webster, MA, entertained by the ice fishermen, movies, books, and the treadmill. We made trips to the hospital on Tuesday and Thursday. Tuesday was a heart biopsy. The procedure went ok but evidently while in the surgical suite and medicated on morphine and versed, Emily got a little weepy. No big deal, versed dis-inhibits emotions, but the anesthesiologist, who prefers unconscious patients, added more versed. When Emily came back to us she was very dopey and said that she remembered the whole procedure and it went well. Fifteen minutes later she couldn't remember the procedure. Dr. Blume came in and talked to her and said that she wouldn't remember any of this and she'd come back later. Emily gave Dr. Blume some presents she'd been saving, but fifteen minutes later she couldn't remember giving her the presents and was very mad that she was so dopey she kept forgetting stuff. That's the way most of the day went. Dr. Blume came back and told us the results of the catherization (normal, but slightly increased pressures) and what to expect over the next few months. Emily conversed with her, but later in the day forgot the conversation. When we got back to Webster Emily was very angry about losing the whole day to the drugs. The doctors and nurses all agreed to back off the versed in the future.

Thursday was a clinic day. We got there after 7 AM, went to Phlebotomy for a blood draw, took the morning meds, got an echocardiogram (good heart function), and met with Dr. Blume. She quickly realized that Emily had no recollection of the discussion on Tuesday so she went over the same information. Dr. Blume would say, "even though you will start to feel good you have to restrict your behavior..." Emily would start to reply and Dr. Blume would say, "Now you are going to say_____ because that's what you said on Tuesday and we've already had this discussion." Emily laughed and said, "you're right!" Emily met with another specialist and Deb and I took a walk, only to be called back because Emily had thrown up. She felt lousy from the meds. Her tutor showed up and somehow Emily had the strength to have almost two hours of school. Then we went back to Webster.

This weekend has been fun. Deb's sister Susan and Emily's cousin Samantha are visiting. Sammy and Emily are very close. The picture shows them enjoying Uncle Tom and Aunt Nancy's "edible arrangements" fruit cluster. The bare sticks all contained chocolate covered strawberries, which were the preferred fruit.

The coming week includes two more trips to the hospital, which also include two more long sessions with the tutor. Thanks again everybody for your support, generosity, and concern.


Hummels said...

Sounds like the days are busy, yet predictable, (a good thing compared to the unknown of two months ago), but I'm guessing you're ready for home and the day to day "normal" changes that occur. I hate that the meds are so hard on Em, Mr. Smith (Deb's bio teacher) tellls the kids his friend who had a heart transplant years ago doesn't need much meds anymore, maybe the same will be true eventually for EM. Having visitors must feel great! Things are pretty steady here at home, predictable as well, more snow today.... I saw those fruit baskets while in the hospital with my dad in January, I thought they were the coolest thing, didn't occur to me you can get them everywhere!!!! Wonder if Em can ever come home for a visit?

Deb Roberts said...

The fruit was really good!
We are hoping to come home sometime next week for a few days after the next biopsy on Tuesday the 10th. We can't make definite plans yet, but that's what we are shooting for.

Em still doesn't feel very well today, we are not sure why. It may be the meds that make her sick to her stomach. And as you said, after a few months, and likely by 6 months, the number of meds will be decreased. The ones she is on for the long term we hope she will be able to tolerate.

JamieTaylor said...

Hi Emily,

Sounds like you are doing really well all things considered. I am sure that you are itching to get home and back to your normal life. I also am sensitive to meds. so I can totally feel for you! Too bad you have to take so many. Hopefully you will either get used to them or be able to back off some. We are all good here and hope to be able to visit with you soon. Say hi to your parents from me!


Unknown said...

Nice job Emily getting sick on a new Dr. Way to make a first impression. On a lighter note ,your a local celebrity,your article is hanging in cool beans coffee shop. Well keep up the spirts. This to shall pass.We miss you.