Saturday, March 7, 2009


We were hoping to go to once a week in the hospital, but we ended up going Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Emily was suffering from nausea all weekend and her heartbeat was elevated to about 120. When we went in on Tuesday her echocardiogram and EKG were both good, so they weren't too worried about the heart, but they gave her a Holter monitor to try to record any episodes of fast heartbeat (tachycardia). The Holter is a beltpack recorder that is hooked up to electrodes that continuously records an EKG. Naturally with the Holter she had no episodes of racing heart when they took it off on Wednesday. On Thursday we had the results. Her sleeping heartbeat went back to 90, wich is her heart's intrinsic beat, so everything seems ok with the heart.

Even with a good heart, feeling sick to your stomach can ruin the day. They gave us Zofran to control the nausea, and it works great, but it is highly restricted, very expensive, and suitable only for short terms. We are hoping the nausea comes from the Bactrim, an antibiotic that may be wiping her gut flora. We switched the Bactrim from daily to every other day in double doses. Hopefully that will let us figure out which drug is making her so uncomfortable. She is eating live culture yogurt with added culture (Culturelle).

We have clearly transitioned from the post-operative phase to the "living with the meds" phase. It's not nearly as exciting, probably not as interesting, but ultimately will determine the quality of life.

I had a big adventure this morning. I flew home to run some errands. It was a nice day and I wanted to fly mostly to charge the battery in the plane and keep my own currency up to date. I spent about half an hour in the house and 45 minutes in the accountant's office (filed a later return form). After next week, if Tuesday's biopsy is ok, we might start to transition home, spending up to five nights a week there and only two here in Webster. Besides, the ice derby fishing contest was today so there may not be as much excitement to watch if the ice fishermen pack it in and go back to drinking in their homes and bars instead of out on the lake.


jag said...

I think about Emily every day. I sense her frustration with the recovery process--especially the adjustment to the meds. I think that home will be the best medicine for her now. Best wishes and prayers for all. Janet

Beth said...

Emily (it's the colorado fan club checking in),
Wow - I'm so glad your resting heart rate is back where you want it. The next time you feel a racing heartbeat, I want it to be the horse you're riding with Jolene! Sending good thoughts, & prayers always,

Jolene said...

Hey Emily,
Rumor has it that if you eat enough of that caramel it will help with your meds. We say go for it!
Jolene & Jerry

Joelle said...

We continue to pray for you all. I hope you get the meds figured out and you get back home soon!!

Take care,

Joelle and Nicole!!