Monday, March 30, 2009

8 weeks

Emily made her first trip back to school to go to lunch and Chemistry on Thursday, just short of 8 weeks post-transplant. She really enjoyed seeing everyone and being a celebrity for a few minutes. She will be going to school most days for one class (80 minutes) for now. We have to work that around her tutoring at home and cardiac rehab at the hospital. The transplant team said she needs to be careful of exposure at school and elsewhere, but she does not need to wear a mask to school. She is trying not to walk through the halls when all the kids are passing classes, and she is very careful about what she touches. From being completely isolated, it is a little unnerving to have all this exposure to people, but we can't keep her in a bubble.

We don't have to go to Boston this week at all. Yipee. But next week the school/tutoring will have to work around a trip back to the hospital on Tuesday.

She is very happy to get some of her normal life back. She has been feeling pretty well most days, with some bouts of nausea.

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