Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Cranes Fly

Emily (with help from Miranda) strung up all of the paper cranes in her room. They look fantastic.

Thanks again Gators, and good luck at States!


Miranda said...

Yeah cranes! Glad to help! Ha Ha you finally had to stop stringing them! lol!


Unknown said...

How glorious to see the paper cranes every day and think of your many friends....

Keenan Family said...

Looks like Gators are having a good weekend at States. Emily, I'll have Nick bring you back a protractor!

Jolene said...


Jolene & Jerry

jag said...

A beautiful sight.
You and the cranes look amazing!

Unknown said...

that's so cool, em

EmilyOrange said...

In its original form this poem looks like a folded crane

1000 dreams
slopes 1000
extremes. Where am I
in this
colorful crop that guards
dreams? 1000 birds that fly
which of the flyers will return my
All of them call to me but that one
to a special degree. It is the maverick
that points
The wrong direction It shows that just
because I
Strung them I could still be resisted by my
creation. He is backward while his brothers
fly on
He shows them that they are truly wrong. For right is the
direction that he does point and to the east he flies toward the rising sun,
The new day has begun. Then there is that tiny guy that is so small he
Can not
be seen and hardly touched Too tiny, invisible to be clutched.
breaks and folds just as the others, but the small gold crane is truly
bold If you know where to look he will speak to you and tell of
the wish for 1000 years of health. 1000 hugs 1000 kisses
My team was there to give me 1000
Wishes though I only
Need one
I wish
For love
And receive
1000 cranes