Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Back to School

After a good check up on Tuesday, Emily was given the green light to start going back to school part time. She will begin next week going to Chemistry class. She has started with her home tutors this week for all her courses. She will continue with them and try to catch up while getting to go back to school a little as well on a limited basis.

Emily also started at Cardiac Rehab today. The program is directed at mainly adults who are recovering from heart attack or coronary artery disease. She is quite an anomaly with her young transplanted heart. She works out on the machines while her heart rate and blood pressure are monitored. The goal is to learn how her new heart and her body responds to exercise, and try to start work on some conditioning and strength.

She does not feel well every day, and has pretty low energy. The doctors are still trying meds to make her feel better, reduce the nausea and start gaining some weight.

It is a little scary to go out into the germy world, but Em is really looking forward to getting back to school and seeing her friends. The transplant team feels her immune system is strong enough to risk some routine exposures.


Coach Kristi said...

I never would have believed that less than eight weeks after a heart transplant a patient would be home and functioning - much less be ready to go back to school! I think it took me longer to get over tooth extractions! Emily - you continue to be the definition of courage and strength of will. I have never witnessed such determination. You will forever be an example to me.

Coach Kristi

Jolene said...

Jolene & Jerry

Unknown said...

What an inspiration....look forward to reading about the 'first day of school'!!!!

John Goralski said...

Emily, you are amazing. Now that you are excercising maybe you can be coaching again soon!