Sunday, February 22, 2009

Webster Lake

Nothing much to report from here, so that is good news.

We went back to CHB for clinic on Thursday, too. The weather was difficult (heavy rain and moderately heavy traffic), but the visit was uneventful. The echocardiogram still continues to look good and no one seems concerned about Emily's little cough, which has not gotten any worse. Her med levels were perfect so all of the medical aspect appears to be going well. She also gained one pound. We are working on that. Cousin Lisa helped on that front by making a great dinner for us for Weds and Thursday.

The physical therapist put Emily through a pretty hard workout on Thursday. Emily was quite discouraged because she found even the little bit of treadmill quite challenging. She feels like she should be doing what she was able to do with Coach Irion back in the fall. Everyone keeps reminding her she needs to give herself some time since she had a major illness and then major surgery only 3 weeks ago. She has been using Uncle Tom's treadmill to do some walking each day since the weather has either been cold and windy, or rainy (today). We seem to have missed most of the snow that you Queensbury folks have had to deal with. Thanks to Rick who is keeping our driveway plowed.

Friends have brought boxes of movies for us to select from which has been quite fun. Cindy and Fred Johnson-Mettler brought us a box full yesterday and it was great to see them (as well as thier movies).

This still feels like the perfect place to rest and recover. The most exciting thing here is watching the ice fishermen, and with apologies to all you ice fishermen, I can't imagine anything more boring. Tuesday Emily has her second biopsy, and sadly she is looking forward to it as a break from trying to catch up on reading the "Iliad" which she had been doing all week.


Jolene said...

Thanks for the updates. It's great to know that everthing is still moving along well. Good luck with the book.
Jolene & Jerry

Linda R. said...

I'm so glad things are going smoothly. What a perfect place to recover! The paper cranes are absolutely beautiful. They look like spring confetti in the picture. Good luck with the Iliad. One of my all time favorites... You are an amazing girl!
Love, Linda R.

Kinney Family said...

Happy 1 month Anniversary tomorrow!! It can be frustrating as you recover but always remember, you are a miracle. This whole thing is absolutely amazing. We remember you as we drive by your house several times a day back and forth to the Y. It looks lonely but the driveway looks great. Hope there's some "Princess Diaries" in the pile of movies. Luv ya, Em. Take care to all. By the way, Mackenzie caught a 23 inch in her last ice fishing derby. Go figure.

Unknown said...

I'm so glad everything is going great. We can't wait to have you guys back home. Everytime I go past the house I can't wait for it to be all lit up again. Keep smiling and resting. (That goes for all of you.)