Wednesday, February 4, 2009


We started out with an annoying IV line that made Em's arm swollen and really hurt this morning. There were lots of people coming in to see Em and telling her how well she looks. There is some concern about her throat, since she is still hoarse. They may have an ENT come look later.

She was told she could go for a walk all the way to 8 East to visit her old roommate. So we marched off with the PT people, almost running to catch up. (Miranda, if you are reading, there are some great floors here for sliding, if we didn't have to wear skid-proof socks). Everyone on 8 East was delighted to see her.

That activity made her tired and she went to rest. When she woke up, she had a very bad headache. At this stage, the new heart is beating hard, and there a lot of meds that have complicated effects. We worked through trying to deal with the headache. It had been decided earlier to try to put in a new PICC line. Unfortunately that did not work (with several tries), and she ended up with a new IV instead. Now she fell asleep after so many proceedures.

Our Nurse today's name was Nick and he was a lot of fun. He worked really hard to help Em with the headache. Tonight is the last night with some of th IV meds, so it is possible that she could go back to 8 East tomorrow. We'll see.

Thanks to the Borgos and the Gatorades for sending a great picture for Em's room. She is always telling everyone about her swimmers. She loved the photo.


Julia Lapper said...

Em what a drag hope tomorrow is better

Chandra Eldridge said...

Emily, Its great to see your pictures. I hope your headache gets better soon. Im so proud of your strength. I could never show the grace you are. You should be getting something in the mail soon. Deb and Bob,don,t forget to take care of yourself also.

Jolene said...

Just checking in. Sorry to hear abut your headache. Hope that you feel better today.
Jolene & Jerry

Coach Kristi said...

A little bump in the road - expected on a long journey. I have no doubt that she'll come through this with the strength and determination that she faces the world with. I'm glad she likes the Gatorades pictures - those swimmers love Emily to no end and look forward to her recovery and return. The pool is not the same without her. We are all so proud of you Emily - and our thoughts and prayers are never ending for you.
Coach Kristi

Miranda said...

Yay sliding floors! No sliding Em!Hope you're feeling better! I can't wait to tell you about DWTS!

rickkaren said...

We thing of you guys every day.It does not surprise us on how strong em is. We see it every day. Love Karen & Rick

tom roberts said...

Emily. Your Great Aunt and not so great uncle are so proud of you---you are our hero. It's a tough road but just think about splashing at CIL this June along this road. Our whole family and even a lot of our Florida friends keep praying for you and your wonderflly attentive parents. These blogs have been keeping us close.

rickkaren said...

hope you are having a better day today.Miss you guys.Everything is fine @ the house.Talk soon. Love K & R

JamieTaylor said...

Hi Emily,
I am sorry to hear about your headache today - what a bummer. Hang in there! Emma and Benjy send their love and want me to let you know that they miss you. Charlie says "goo goo."

calby said...

Hello Emily! I hope your recovery continues to go well. I've been thinking of you. You are a strong, smart girl, (I remember that from when you were in my class in first grade!) I'll be checking up. Take care and God bless! Love, Mrs. Calby