Friday, February 6, 2009

Transplant Surgical Team

The transplant surgery was done here by Dr. John Mayer, and Dr. Ram Emani. Here is Em two days post transplant with Dr. Mayer (photo by Aunt Susie) and on the right with Dr. Emani today (Day 6, photo by me). Dr. Emani said today, again, that they are very pleased how well she is doing. She had a kind of sleepy day. She is trying to make herself eat and walk to keep improving, but we think the pain meds are catching up and and making her sleepy. She has an awful lot of meds on board, and is being weaned off some that are given in hight doses early on. All of these have side effects, but sleepy seems better than headaches. She had a visit with friends today and she did manage to smile with Dr. Emani.


Coach Kristi said...

Em - you look more full of life than ever before! I just can't get enough of how those freckles shine now! I keep looking at the pictures in amazement. Great job - I am so proud of you!

Jolene said...

Emily - You look great!

Jolene & Jerry