Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Scenes for "Scrubs" TV Show

The purpose of this blog is to chronicle Emily's journey through heart transplant. This includes some stories of the activities around her that influence the experience. I'll include just one of the stories today that if it appeared on the TV show "Scrubs" would seem unbelievable. Now I believe that all those silly hospital antics on TV are based on real experiences.

Emily checked into Bed 24 in the ICU on 8 South after her surgery. Children's Hospital built two new ICU units down the hall in the middle of the ICU, just past Bed 12. Rather than number these new units 26 and 27 and have them in the middle of the floor, they renumbered all the beds above 12. Emily's Bed 24 became Bed 26. They came by and changed the number outside her door on Monday, and then the fun began. The nurses quickly adjusted to the re-numbering. The front desk ladies were sending visitors all over the place but that sorted out too. New numbers went up in minutes, and the operation proceeded like clockwork. The IT guy came in to reboot the computer that monitors vital signs so that it would display the correct bed number on the monitoring station.

After re-booting the computer it went into "Demo mode" and did not display Emily's vitals but insteady showed a hypothetical patient. Deb, Emily, Aunt Susie, and the nurse all understood that the monitor was not displaying real data, but the people monitoring out in the hall thought that her pulse, respiration, blood pressure, atrial line pressure, and other telemetry had crashed. About ten people came rushing in with a cart, EKG, and miscellaneous equipment. They looked at her numbers and started pasting wires on all over. They said her pulse had crashed and they didn't know why. Deb was looking at the strong pulse in her neck and said "she's fine, the monitor is on Demo." The emergency team continued to prepare for her demise while Emily said, "what's going on?" Deb assumed they were putting on backup leads but the team thought she was in distress. Finally Deb spoke up firmly over the crowd and said "the monitor is on Demo; it's not displaying a real patient." Finally the crash cart lady said, "oh" as the light dawned and she relaxed. They were gone as quickly as they came.

The nurse chased away somebody from pharmacy who delivered the wrong meds and our vigilence against the gremlins of the bed numbering continues unabated.

Emily got up and walked around the entire floor this morning, all the way to 8 East. She feels better except that her left hand and arm have swollen up. They pulled an IV to give that hand a rest. It is very sore.


ellen knapp said...

what a great story! further proof of your love and devotion and why it is so essential to be by the side of our loved ones, working as coaches and advocates while they recuperatein the hospital.

give yourselves time to recuperate too! we are praying for continued blessings on you all.

i cant wait to tell the kids when they get home from school. they run to the computer to see how your day went. blayne too,from burlington.

hugs to em, the knapps

Jean Lapper said...

More material for the book. You of course have to be ever vigilant and be Em's best advocate.
Great job Em walking around this morning. I loved the pigtails in yesterday's picture and I was sure you were wearing blush.
Keep up the good work.

Bonan said...

Glad you can keep your sense of humour about the fiasco. Very important to maintaining sanity, but a bit disconcerting just the same. Poor Emily must have been a bit unsettled. Bonan

Ted Wilson said...

Hi Everyone! We're so glad to hear she's doing so well! Its a good thing she has her parent's toughness! Best of luck for continued success.

You're ALL in our prayers,
Ted ("Finman"), Kath, Brett, Drew and Luke

Jolene said...

A book deal should definitely be on order! The photos help so much. We miss seeing you guys. It is just amazing to see the change in Emily. I can't wait to go cow sorting and trail riding again!
Jolene & Jerry

Coach Kristi said...

It's great to hear stories like that, because those are the stories that Emily can tell for years and years and still get a laugh from!
Great job on the walking this morning, Em. You continue to amaze me, each and every day, with your continued and enduring strength.

WendyMcHugh said...

Hello Emily, Bob and Debbie,

As Ellen said earlier, we too hurry to the computer each day to get the latest updates. These updates give us the reminder to keep our life's priorities in order and they give us inspiration. Thank you so much for taking the time to post all these great updates as I know you are all physically exhuasted and its just one more thing.

Our prayers are flowing to you each day and we are so encouraged but all that we have seen and heard.

Keep up the great work and inspiration Emily,

Love the McHugh's (aka...CIL vacationers)

Lisa said...

Emily, my thoughts are with you for a speedy recovery! You are your family are quite remarkable. :)
Lisa Bruzual (math @ QMS)

Unknown said...

What an amazing story! You'll all be telling that one for years to come. At least it was an episode of Scrubs--and not House, with the doctor from hell! It really sounds like Emily's team of doctor's has been top notch.

Julia Lapper said...

they messed up what a funny day

T and Bart said...

Unbelievable (other words/phrases come to mind to describe that scene, but I've finally learned not to put them in writing in the public domain) If you don't do the book at least sell the concept to the Scrubs director. I am floored at how quickly you're progressing Emily! Great job to all.