Friday, February 13, 2009

Safe Haven

Cousin Steve Roberts met us at the Mass Pike exit yesterday and escorted us to his parent's house on Webster Lake. We entered and we felt the tension of the hospital just lifting away. We visited for a short time and heated the dinner that Cousin Lynn had left in the refrigerator. We went to bed early, without checking vitals, slept all night without checking vitals, did not hear any beeping alarms, missed the 6 AM weighing, and got up in time for 7:30 meds. A few more nights like that and we may start to feel normal.

Kathy Gow came by with tons of food that she collected from our friends who contributed to our very own food bank. She took the picture of us with Webster Lake, frozen in the background. We intend to hang out, rest, eat, watch movies, and try to decompress from the tension of the past few weeks, months, and years.

Emily stayed up all morning, ate a big lunch of grilled cheese, apples, and ice cream (she has lost 14 pounds so all the dessert rules are suspended). She's napping now in her quiet, private, lakeside room. Thanks Tom and Nancy for the house--it's perfect.



Jolene said...

This is great news!

Is that one of Bob's four shirts?

No orange today Emily?


Hummels said...

It sounds like heaven... what a joyous feeling!

Kate Lusenhop said...


Janine said...

Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! I hope you are all feasting on the hugs being sent telepathically when words fail us, and its germ free!

kpl said...


Congrats for setting all kinds of "transplant" records and for such a quick recovery! Enjoy and relax! I will certainly miss your smile. I'll be thinking of you.

"Virtual hug" - Kim
(your nurse on 8E)

Unknown said...

Emily ,you and your parents look so happy to be out of the germ factory. I hope you guys can just relax and enjoy each others company.You are all so lucky to have each other. All you need is Jeff for the weekend.have a great time.