Monday, February 9, 2009

Probably Thursday

The team decided it would be best to stay inpatient through the normal course of waiting to have the first biopsy. That is scheduled for Wednesday, and it is to check the heart tissue for signs of rejection. If the biopsy looks ok, and all else seems stable, we may be discharged on Thursday. We will go to my uncle and aunt's house and come back for our clinic visits. We will hopefully be back in Queensbury in 4 -6 weeks.

It was a busy day with lots of doctor consults, EKG, echocardiogram, removal of pacing wires and even a walk/ride outside in the garden. Emily felt much better today, with better med balance, lower blood pressure, and consequently less headache and upset stomach. The goal was to eat and drink more and she did pretty well, even though she does not have much appetite.

We have kept the GI bug at bay, and our hands are raw from washing and washing. We don't let anyone extra in our room, and we try to touch nothing outside of the room. Emily's tutor came back today and she is scheduled to have an hour a day of tutoring starting tomorrow on the days she feels up to it.

Our day still starts with a 6 am vitals and weigh in. Then some food, and a blood draw at 8. So we try to go to bed early, but we have to have a nurse come in with meds and vital signs at 10.

We had fun opening cards and some packages today. Thanks for all the mail! We have more stuff here now than can fit in the Prius. Hopefully tomorrow will be another good day of healing.


Chandra said...

Im very glad Emily had a good day. Better days still to come. I hope your night is as restful as it can be.

Deb Roberts said...

Can you have Miranda send Emily your Email address?

Hummels said...

I smiled this morning when I read this, I'm sending positive thoughts for another good day...