Monday, February 2, 2009

Planning on Walking

Some doctors just came in to tell Emily that they'll be taking a few tubes out of her chest, and that they will have her try walking later today. She's had a little bit to drink and tried some jello but that seemed like a lot. She is doing deep breathing exercises to clear her lungs. This makes her cough and hurts, but it is good for her.

The new heart is beating very strongly; she has noticeably more color in her lips and her pulses are strong. They are starting to ramp up the anti-rejection medications.


Williams Family said...

Tell Emily we are cheering for her!!!!

Williams Family

ellen knapp said...

woohooo! thank you for keeping us all updated.

i was at a superbowl party last night and was surprised by how many people knew about Em and were praying for her. she is infamous and everyone is rejoicing in her good news.

xo, ellen

DOENUT said...

It's wonderful to know that just a few days after Sara, my granddaughter, met Emily, she got her new heart!

Go Emily!

Kate Lusenhop said...

You go, Em!! Jello's nasty anyway, hold out for the good stuff! Amazing progress so far, and much more to come--

Linda R. said...

Emily is amazing! And your whole family is wonderful! I'm so happy that her new heart is working so well and that she got the tube out and finally got some liquids. Keep it up!!!

Mrs P said...


We are so happy you are doing so well. You are an inspiration to us all!

Mrs. P and your Math Class

Coach Kristi said...

Congrats and keep up the good work! You are in my thoughts :)

cardonie said...

i am soo happy to hear that you will be walking soon!

Brooke Taylor and Family said...

This is Mrs Taylor and I have been a med/surg nurse for 23 years and I am SOOOOOOO proud of you. What an incredible surgery to have recovered from so well. Many of my BIG STRONG PATIENTS could take lessons from you. You are a great inspiration to the Gators. Brooke looked at the pictures in disbelief. Before not looking that much bigger then her but now a fierce vision of strength and heroism.
Good luck to you for a speedy recovery.
Love The Taylor's