Monday, February 2, 2009

Photo Op in ICU

Here is Emily and her support group (Aunt Susie was taking a well-deserved nap).


Jolene said...

It's wonderful to see the whole family together. Emily, you are UNBELIEVABLE! Thanks for the updates.
Jolene & Jerry

Unknown said...

Way to go, Emily!!! We are so happy for you.
Erin & Keith

m.wynn said...

Emily!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh I'm addicted to this blog! Hope you're feeling better every day! Way to go

Keenan Family said...

It is great to be able to see you all. Emily keep up the good work, we look forward to seeing you everyday!!!
Remember we are sending all of our get well wishes to you. Happy Groundhogs Day!!

Beth said...

You are amazing!!
I'm so happy for you all!
Wishing you sunshine and rainbows all the days ahead.

Coach Kristi said...

What a great picture of the whole group together! Emily, you look great! You are by far the strongest person I have ever known!

Unknown said...

Emily, you look terrific, but who is that funny looking blond guy with the mustache and goatee behind you????

Joelle said...


You are looking amazing!! You are definitely a superstar!! What a wonderful happy occasion.

Chandra Eldridge said...

Emily, I know your not feeling the greatest, but you look wonderful to us. Keep up the wonderful work and spirt. we miss you .
the Eldridges

Hummels said...

a picture says a thousand words, love you

Coach Kristi said...

I just wanted to let you know that I was showing my 6 year old daughter the pictures and she said "Mommy, Emily is gorgeous." I think that says it all.

rickkaren said...

your a very special girl,with a very special look great.Great first 48 hr's.We love you.Karen
& Rick

empire east aviation said...

Emily, keep up the work. You have our support. And on our minds and in our hearts. We will keep cheering you on to get back in that saddle again.