Saturday, February 7, 2009

One Week

One week ago, at 7 am, our nurse came in and told me that our doctor, Dr. Singh, was on the phone for me at the front desk. It never crossed my mind what the call might be, although I should have known. We were so prepared to be waiting for weeks or months, it did not even cross my mind that this was "THE" call. But, in fact, his calm voice said, "We have a heart for Emily."

All the nurses knew and were standing in a large semi-circle behind the desk, watching me. I told him we were ready, and he told us what we needed to do. He said he'd be here in an hour and a half, and that I could call Bob, but wait to wake up Emily. I have to confess that I shook like a leaf, and the nurses asked if I was ok. I told them I needed coffee.

So on our first week anniversary we are grateful for:

1) the donor and the donor's family
2) Lisa Salberg and the HCMA - when we typed HCM into Google the first day of diagnosis we found all the info we needed, and better yet we found Lisa who got us in to Tufts the next week to see Dr. Maron.
3) Dr. Marty Maron - who saw us the first time as an added last case on a Friday night. he correctly diagnosed a diffiucult case, followed Emily closely and correctly determined when she needed to come to a tranplant center.
4) Dr. Blume and the CHB transplant team.
5) Great nurses and care here
6) health insurance
7) Aunt Susie and Jeff being here for those first days
8) Coffee
9) a private room
10) all of you who are sending your love and support



T and Bart said...

Well a very happy one week anniversary to you all! There is no doubt in the minds of all your readers that while the medical team has been outstanding - you four Singer/Roberts are what made this such a success. You guys are incredible, what a great family.

Jolene said...

Happy Anniversary!

Kate Lusenhop said...

Happy Anniversary! Will there be cake? (I know, it's always about the food with me!)

Unknown said...

Congrats to all of you! We are looking forward to all your future anniversaries too--one month, one year, five years, ten years and beyond.

Deb Roberts said...

No cake yet, but Dr. Blume brought donuts! (She's all about good health)

Kinney Family said...

So they said on Oprah Winfrey the other day that a glazed donut was better for you than a bagel w/cream cheese. (less calories) You know when it's on Oprah it is the truth and nothing but the truth. So celebrate! Oprah says it's ok.

Joelle said...

Congrats...what an amazing wk you've had.

Lots of love and encouragement to Emily and she continues this journey!!

Unknown said...

Happy one week!! We miss you at school Em, and are all so amazed at your courage throughout this. Can't wait to see you back at school, I miss the orange! :)

Jen L said...

You are all amazing, but especially Em. Congrats on your one week anniversay!
You're so inspiring.
Lots of love

Cynthia said...

I have been following Emily's progress from the HCMA site, and just today learned of the existence of this blog. We are all so thrilled with Emily's progress, and wish her a speedy return to normalcy. I can only imagine what you all are going through with this whirlwind, but hopefully you will soon be back at home and Emily will be able to canter off into the sunset on a finely spirited steed.

Best to you all..

Cynthia Burstein Waldman a/k/aCynaburst

David Nickols said...

One week is a great milestone, and you are remarkable together - keeping your attitudes up and pulling together.

Davidd & Gail

J&CWendell said...

It's so wonderful to hear Emily is doing so well. May every day be better and better for you and your family. John,Courtney and the 2 crazy boys. P.S. Emily, Drake is looking forward to doing some puzzles with you.