Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Get Set

The biopsy procedure went fine today. We went from being the first case to the second, which delayed the whole day. The docs who watched said every thing looked fine with the heart and pressures in the heart. We will not have results from the biopsy for a day or two. She also had a chest x-ray and blood tests. The med levels were good this morning, so that means that we seem to have found a good dose of Prograf for now. Her neck is sore tonight from where the put in the catheter.

So they still say we will be discharged tomorrow. We hope it is true! We can't wait to get out of here. I know that this has been an incredibly fast recovery, but 3 weeks in this hospital has still seemed incredibly long.

For comic relief this afternoon, Bob took a singing greeting card (Thank you Wanda) and he and Emily made a door bell for our "ante-chamber" door with string and surgical tape. It worked for a while, much to everyone's amusement. Then the over-zealous PT staff came in and broke the string. Bummer. They better get us out of here soon, or Bob is going to re-wire the whole place.


Miranda said...



that is really good news. you will love being in a regular house again. anne and i are in sedona arizona... and think of you all even here.

Jolene said...

Ready! Set! Get outta there!!!!
Jolene & Jerry

Hummels said...

Good luck today!

Jean Lapper said...

Today is a very exciting moving day. We're so happy for you.
Jean,Jen and Julia

empire east aviation said...

Emily put on your RUBY RED slippers, NO PLACE LIKE HOME.

Deb don't forget your laundry detergent.

Bob don't forget your windsock of toilet paper.

Everybody will miss you at the hospital. What a family.