Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Get Ready

So they are getting us ready to be discharged. We had med training today. We prepared a 3-page spreadsheet of meds and doses. We collected up some of the meds from a special pharmacy, and ordered some from CVS. We met with a metabolic specialist to review the supplements she is on.

Emily had a so-so day. She still has little appetite and her digestive system is still upset. However, it seems that we are balancing out the meds better, and are zeroing in on a dose for the cardiac meds. There were no headaches today, and her blood pressure was better, too.

Tomorrow is a biopsy, and hopefully discharge on Thursday.

I did laundry. I know you are all proud.


Unknown said...

hey, it's brooke, so emily is doing better? and is there an address where i can send a card too? send emily my love please, bye

m.wynn said...

wow this is so amazing, emily. i hope you know you are now an inspiration to me!!!

m.wynn said...

ps from carly ;)

Jolene said...

Good Luck with the biopsy today. We'll be thinking about you.
Jolene & Jerry

Bob Singer said...


You can send a card to Emily care of her cousin at:

Stephen Roberts
3 Okemo Ridge Rd
Sutton Ma. 01590

That's where we will be staying after we are released from the hospital, which should be tomorrow. When we get out of here it will be a lot easy for us to receive phone calls, so just call Emily's cell phone too.

Unknown said...

Good luck with the biopsy, Emily. Hope you feel better every day.
Love, Erin

Bonan said...

Deb, not only am I very proud of you I bet it feels good to have some clean laundry, now if you could only take a long hot bath.... soon maybe. Martha

Unknown said...

Good luck with the biopsy. Lets pray everything is wonderful. I can't believe Emily might almost be out of the hospital soon. I'm sure it will great to be in a house again. Thank you for all the updates.

T and Bart said...

I AM proud of you for getting that laundry done. I bet the medical staff is ecstatic. (I've been camping with Bob, so I can only imagine that they were speeding up Emily's discharge date to get his stinky self out of their unit...sorry Bob, I couldn't resist, you know I love you.)

Hope to read the next post from Sutton, MA. Good luck!