Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Emily is Famous

There was an article in the local paper today (the Queensbury Citizen insert to the Post star). Click on the link below the picture of the dog with Emily, and also look to the right and the top three article links are about Emily.

We went back to clinic yesterday, and everything appears to be good. The echo looked good and the blood tests were all pretty good. Dr. Singh and Jodi took out some remaining stitches.

They are still adjusting her med doses; they warn us the highest risk of rejection is the first 6 months. But so far, so good. Another visit on Thurs and another biopsy (to look for signs of rejection at the tissue level) in a week. We will continue to go 2x per week for a while, and then go down to once a week. At that point we can decide if we can go all the way home.

Going in and out of Boston yesterday was not too bad. We have to be there early, so we were up at 5, but beat the traffic, and were home for lunch. Other days will not be that fast. Then we all took naps. We have gotten good at napping.

Emily has a little cough, but they said not to worry. They will check on her on Thurs.


Jean Lapper said...

What a nice surprise to see your smiling face first thing this morning. I'll pick up a few extra paper copies for you.

Jolene said...

Once again the SUPERSTAR is making news.
Jolene & Jerry

Hummels said...

Great morning reading, we all enjoyed the article and links

Unknown said...

hey em, it's brooke, i clicked on the link to read the paper, it's good hearing that you are recovering well. i miss you sooo much! just wanted to say that i love you and miss you, love, brooke

Bonan said...

Hey Emily,
Saw the paper and the citizen first thing this morning. It was the first thing I read and was once again very very proud of you. Saved a copy for you, just in case you don't have 300 copies already.
Leaving for Syracuse tomorrow for Emma's UNYSCSA swimming championships in Sryacuse. Won't be able to check you blog for afew days but still have you in our hearts and prayers. Stay healthy. Bonans

ellen knapp said...

hi singers,

we knapps have been away for several weeks but have not stopped thinking of you and sending prayers up on your behalf.

we are thrilled to see the amazing progress you have made.

God bless you all. much love,
the knapps