Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 3

She had a pretty good night and a very hard early morning. She slept pretty well, and at about 5, they started to get her ready to take out the tubes draining her chest. This was done with versid, so I am hoping she won't remember it all, but it was very painful. She is sleeping again. Having the tube out will ultimately make her much more comfortable, but she was hurting when she went back to sleep at 7 am. She was very brave, but it is hard to see it hurt so much.

They will continue to add and taper off a variety of meds working on anti-rejection and immunosupression. THey are weaning her off oxygen and the morphine. Without the tubes she will be able to get up an walk more.

Interestingly the heart is still settling in. Without nerve connections, apparently the feedback is very differnet and it adopts its own rythm. The doctors say her heart rate of a 100 is normal for a new heart, and it will settle down a little as it gets used to its new home.


JamieTaylor said...


I am glad that they are taking the tubes out. You ultimately will feel better without them. It really is amazing what science can do! We are thinking about you all the time. Emma and Ben are making you some artwork to decorate your hospital room!


Coach Kristi said...

Seeing your child in pain is a terrible feeling - I understand. With your love and support she can get through anything! Brighter days are ahead of her and it's important to keep focused on that. She is the strongest girl I have ever known and after this - there will be NOTHING in this world she can't accomplish. Please send her my love and support and let her know I'm thinking of her often.

ellen knapp said...

the most serious illness i have experienced with my tribe is an appendectomy and a fractured skull. i cant imagine how this is effecting you and bob. God bless you.

please know that our prayers are with you all and that the whole family watches the blog anxiously for the latest news.

when it is over and she is happy and healthy back at school, prepare for a rest for yourselves. it hits after the storm is over for moms.

Peace, ellen

Jolene said...

You are doing it!! These difficult steps now are getting you closer to doing ANYTHING you want.
Jolene & Jerry

Wright Family said...

Our thoughts & prayers are with you all! Best wishes for a speedy recovery! Your progress already is amazing! Paulie has heart issues & fought hard when he was little in the hospital. He still has blips. I just had unexpected surgery resultant from the kidney surgery last year, so I understand the road to recovery, but each journey is a unique road. Keep up your hope & good spirits! Take good care of each other! God Bless! Love, Kim, Stuart, Lindsey, Paulie, & Evan

Joelle said...

Deb and Bob,
My heart hurts for you both this morning, your post brought tears to my eyes. Seeing your child in pain and not being able to take that pain is always difficult - you are so strong and brave as well. Really that nurse may have been right on Emily being a Rockstar and that would mean both parents are Rockstars too!! She's doing amazing because she has an amazing family around her. Even though I've never met you or Emily, I was so emotional all weekend wondering how Emily was doing, checking the site and praying non-stop for success. If I was such a mess I can't imagine what you are going through, be proud of yourselves, you've gone through so much and are such a positive influence on Emily.

And Deb, like I've said numerous time, these kids are so unbelievably strong, tough and rarely complain....here we thought we'd be teaching our children things, and yet we learn so much from them.

Emily - keep it up girl, you are amazing!!

Opps...didn't mean to write a book...

cardonie said...

i am so sorry to hear about your discomfort. i am praying for good health for your new heart and for you to stay on this new, brighter track.
i miss you very much at gatorades and seeing you around the pool during the week.
please come back to us soon.

T and Bart said...

Hang in there Emily - it sounds like it is really hard right now. Everybody reading your journey wishes we could take some of the pain away. We're pulling for you!
T & B



you are making such good progress. what an ordeal! we think about you everyday ... and these photos and this website was a great idea.

we miss you.

larry and anne

Wanda Tyler said...


It is so wonderful reading how well you are doing! You keep strong, looking forward to seeing you in the pool again soon. Aunt Alice and I are thinking about you every day.

Take care of yourself,

Hummels said...

I'm praying for your pain to ease, hang in there Em.

Kathy said...

Emily, and the rest of the Singer family. Please know that we are thinking of you and sending positive vibes your way. We are cheering you on for a speedy recovery Emily, and can't wait to see you back on the pool deck!

The Cerny Family

Jean Lapper said...

It's hard to think of Em in pain and it must be impossible for the rest of you to watch. She has been so brave. I hope the afternoon brought better things. I think of you all throughout the day and send love and wishes for strength and hope.

Beth said...

Bob and Deb,
Thinking about you both all the time. Hopefully each day will get better and better.
Emily is an amazing girl- her spirit, but also a testament to you both.
We're pulling for you!
Beth Kane

Beth said...

I met you such a long time ago, I don't know if you remember me! But I've been keeping track of whats going on with you through your Aunt Susie!
I can't wait to see you again, and have you meet Harrison, Jackson and Wilson. Actually, you have met them before too, but I'm sure it was too long ago for any of you to remember!
Much love from Ossining, NY,
Beth :)

Bonan said...

Dear Emily,
We are in total awe of you and your courage and grace! But of course you are a Singer and when a Singer sets her mind to something she does it! Hang tough and know that the Bonan's have you in our thoughts and prayers every hour of everyday. Much love,
Martha, Emma,Mr. Mike and the mystery brother.