Saturday, February 7, 2009

Blog stats

We have been impressed with how effective this blog has been at communication. We are living in a cell-phone free zone. We can walk out to the elevators and stand and talk in a public place, but that is difficult. The blog has really helped us to stay in touch and we enjoy the comments. Jeff compiled the following statistics last Thursday night:

5,315 pageviews (not counting refreshes when nothing changed)
2,700 visits
685 visitors (supposedly unique, but more matched to unique computers than unique visitors)
Visitors from 33 states and 7 foreign countries
75% of visitors came to the site by typing in the address
and apparently the site was found with yahoo search a handful of times also.


Jolene said...

Impressive. Goes to show how important you all are to your friends and family, around the world!

Jerry & Jolene

Kinney Family said...

1.It doesn't surprise me that Jeff would be the one that compiled the statistics.
2. It doesn't surprise me that so many people are concerned about a family that gives so much.
3. Look at can't you help wishing the best for her. She is such a great youg lady.
We love this blog and seeing her progress. Hard to believe it's already been 1 week. Happy Anniversary, Em. Thoughts and prayers for all of you.

Kinney Family said...

OOPS!!That would be a "great YOUNG lady."

e-Patient Dave said...

This is fabulous. Thanks so much.

I work for your friend Cindy, doing the web analytics for our company, so I know how good these stats are. Separately, after my big cancer adventure 1-2 years ago, I've gotten involved with a group that studies how patients can (and should!) participate in their care - partly because it's a good idea on general principle, and partly to prevent human error! We're calling it "participatory medicine," and we call folks like you (and me) "e-patients." This blog is a great example. Mind if I share it with a broader audience?

You guys are wonderful. We should meet. Great story, too. So glad to hear Emily's doing well.

"e-Patient Dave" deBronkart
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