Sunday, February 15, 2009

1,000 Paper Cranes

Coach Kristi came to Webster Lake yesterday and brought Emily a gift from the Glens Falls YMCA Gators Swim Team. As you see in the photo, they folded 1,000 paper Cranes. With it they sent a book, signed by all the team. It also explains the significance of the cranes. It tells us that an ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by a crane, such as long life or recovery from illness or injury. The Gators folded a 1,000 cranes for Emily, with the wish that she recover quickly and enjoy a long life of prosperity and happiness.

Each one of the cranes is beautiful, altogether they are amazing. Thank you Gators for this wonderful gift and the effort you put in to show Emily your support. She misses everyone there, and hopes she will be back to help Coach Kristi to start the Long Course season in April.

We are doing well in this beautiful quiet house on Webster Lake. We have been mainly sleeping and reading. It is lovely here.

Thanks again everyone. The Gators and the GF YMCA have been an important part of our our lives for a long time, and your thoughts and support means a lot to us.

Deb, Bob & Emily

(PS -- Brother Jeff had an AWESOME meet at SUNYACs this weekend, doing best times in 400 IM, 200 fly and 200 back. He placed 3rd, 4th and 5th. The team had a spectacular meet, dominating for both the men's and women's team standings)


T and Bart said...

I've always loved that legend and seeing these cranes just made me cry. What WONDERFUL friends you have in the Gators.

m.wynn said...

yay Emily!!! awesome! Im so happy for you. holy cow, 1000 paper cranes, thats a lot!!!

Bonan said...

GO GATORS! What a lovely gift and wonderful legend to go with it. You all look rested and healthy. Continue to enjoy the rest, best thing for all of you right now. And way to go Jeff. Always the winner! Martha

Jean Lapper said...

The cranes are beautiful and you look so relaxed. Enjoy the peace and quiet of your new home.
We miss you here at the old home.

Glens Falls Pediatrics said...

Hello Emily,
We are all thinking of you and wishing you well. If there is anything we can do for you, please know that you have our support. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Love from all of your friends at Glens Falls Pediatrics

Hummels said...

You deserve all the serenity this home offers, drink in the beauty and begin to regain your strength, the picture with the cranes is so colorful and heartwarming, what a wonderful sign of all support you have behind you and all the lives you've touched.

Keenan Family said...

Emily you are a celebrity at home. You made the front cover of the Queensbury Citizen this morning. It was so nice to see your smiling face with our morning coffee. We miss that smile in the halls and pool deck of the 'Y'. It is so great to see you relaxing at the lake house, could it get more perfect. It looks like a beautiful, quiet, serene place to recover. We miss you dearly, but glad to see you doing so well.

Unknown said...

Deb and Bob,

I had no idea what was happening with Emily. Happy things are going so well. Call whan you get time.